Data can age quickly, and regular maintenance will save money and enhance ROI.


Blue Tortoise has processes for establishing:


  • Out of business organisations
  • Company name changes
  • Merges & acquisitions
  • Addresses that are no longer in use
  • Contacts no longer at the organisation
  • Validity of emails


We have technical expertise to ensure that once the data is updated, it is merged smoothly back into the client CRM or MAP systems.

A part of maintenance is ensuring that the data complies with data protection regulations and third-party licences.


Blue Tortoise provide advice on global elements of data protection, including recommendations on handling opt outs, communicating with contacts in different geographies, and how to audit and show that our client is conforming to data protection requirements.


Another important element to bear in mind when clients are purchasing data for their campaigns is to ensure that the licences are abided by; Blue Tortoise supports and reports on both data protection and third party licence requirements. .