Understand which organisations you should be targeting and get the right data in your database to realise the potential of your chosen markets

How useful is your data and do you trust it? At Blue Tortoise we have the expertise to help you build a future for your business where your data is both useful and trustworthy.

We establish your target segmentation and definitions with you and then conduct a thorough analysis of your data to establish the gap between where you are today and where you want to be in terms of data alignment to your sales and marketing strategy goals. By giving you clear insight into the data you hold and the data you could have, you can make plans to take your business forward.

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Filling gaps and building datasets to provide data on your target accounts

At Blue Tortoise, we make sure that you have the details on the organisations that you should be targeting. We construct ways of gap filling data, either directly from the best data suppliers, or if the data that needs filling is difficult to acquire, then we develop maps or models to generate the data for you.

When we deliver, we make sure that the data is in the right structure and format so that it imports correctly into your systems, and that you have a detailed report showing the value that we have added to your data.

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Validation, enhancement, enrichment and compliance planning for your data

To boost the quality of your contact data, we review and validate the data in the context of your sales & marketing strategy to see how we can give you the best value for your money. Then, using tools developed in-house, we derive data from your existing dataset, and then acquire, match and merge the purchased data into your sales & marketing datasets.

We focus on providing the data in the right templates or format so that it can be smoothly imported into your systems, and also provide a detailed report showing the value that we have added to your data. We provide strong support for ensuring that your data compliance systems and processes are robust and fit for purpose.

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