Account & Contact Build


To build a set of accounts, we take an account profile and establish the best data source for the client's needs.


A given data provider, either for account or contact data, may not be able to provide the whole 'universe' or data we require. We use a cascade gap purchasing process, and we purchase data from multiple sources, and only purchase new records that we haven't already got.


We ensure that any data we build for you is compliant with your organisation's data protection requirements, including alignment to GDPR and ePrivacy regulations.


With both account and contact data, we standardise and enhance the data that we receive from data vendors.

Some of the best vendors' data require little standardising, but others do. We will standardise, match, merge and de-duplicate the data into a single data set, using sophisticated in-house built tools that can be adapted to meet client's needs.


We will also apply derivation tools to the account and contact data, so that named accounts can be identified, and seniority, department or gender can be derived from contact data. These can help in defining the segmentation in terms of the original client definitions such as personas or other classifications.