Restrict processing

Restrict processing


Please click on the button below to send us an instruction to restrict the processing of data that we control that relates to you. Note that if you have sent us an instruction to exercise your rights under the GDPR or other Data Protection regulations, we will restrict the processing of any data that we hold on you automatically while we carry out your instructions.





Clicking on the button should open an email in your email client and populate the email with relevant information. We take this approach, rather than a web form, so that we can confirm that you are the individual that relates to the request and avoid confusion if other individuals use your details fraudulently.


If the button does not work for you, or you want to send us an email separately to instruct us to restrict the processing of your data, please use the email address.


We will send an email to you to confirm that we will stop processing your data and also keep your data securely stored, at most within 30 days of receiving your instruction.


If you would like to permanently stop any communications from us, please click here to unsubscribe from Blue Tortoise communications.