About us


Blue Tortoise staff have been involved in data management since the mid 1990s, handling large datasets in multiple internal and cloud-based systems for Business to Business global organisations.

We have carried out a variety of data-centred projects for hi-tech multinationals such as Epson, Oracle, Juniper Networks and McAfee, creating long-term relationships which enabled us to address their changing needs over time and help them keep their sales and marketing data aligned with their evolving business strategies.

Data knowledge

Over the years we have built up a wealth of knowledge about B2B data; how it works and how easily it can get out of hand, especially in fast-growing organisations where a lot of new data is being acquired from a variety of sources. Duplication occurs, gaps appear and the data ages and becomes less relevant. With tools and process which we have painstakingly developed over a long period of time, we know how to create a cleaner, leaner dataset which can respond rapidly to the demands made upon it.


Our aim is to help organisations to get a clearer picture of their data so that they can make informed strategic decisions and build their business with the backing of a healthy and hard-working dataset.

With a steady approach and attention to the many details and considerations the management of a larger dataset requires, we believe that we can give our customers a service which is unparalleled in its thoroughness and gives great value for money.